2 Burglars Caught On Tape In Los Angeles

This is definitely a good reason why anyone installing an alarm system should get video cameras. They are not much more usually. In addition with our Sponsor Home Program you may even qualify to get a video camera alarm system for free. Why waste anymore time.

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Home Invasion, Sexual Assault

60% of all Sexual Assaults happen during a home invasion.

This is a sad incident that hopefully sparks awareness for anyone that owns a home. Im glad she got away but protecting yourself from home invaders can be solved by getting a home alarm systemVideo surveillance definitely would have helped in this situation! Protect yourself and get your free alarm system today.

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There were 17,410 home invasions in L.A. alone last year.

This is not a problem that will just go away. As a company we are deciding to do something about it. From now till through the summer of 2012 we will be giving away our alarm systems for free. That’s right I said free alarm system. Monitoring has never been cheaper. Just pay a dollar a day to insure your family’s protection and safety.

You will receive the 2 Gig Alarm System. It works on a GSM network and does not  require a land line for monitoring. It comes with built in home automation and 2 way talk. You can arm or disarm from your cell phone and get notifications when anyone comes in or out of your home. This is a brand new $1600 dollar alarm system for free! you can not lose. Email or call us today to receive your free zero obligation security analysis.